Published January 17, 2016 by mysticpsychic

The first thing I do upon awakening is to say, I let go and let God, I sing a new song today, I expect and receive wondrous miracles today. I then proceed with this doxology.  The love and light of God surrounds me and fills me.  I am protected in this love and light and so it is.  The love and light of Jesus Christ surrounds me and fills me. I am protected in this love and so it is. The love and light of the Christ power and the Holy Spirit surrounds me and fills me, I am protected in this love and light and so it is. Anything of a negative nature shall be cast out and sent back to its source or forever neutralized according to Gods divine will, not mine.  I ask for protection from the east, south, west and north, from the archangels Raphael, Michael,Gabriel, and Uriel.

~Blessings Rev. D.

Power Direction

Published January 16, 2016 by mysticpsychic

Pendulum reading by ystic Psychic Rev. D.When we are born we arrive from a specific direction ex: N, S, E, W. If we pray or meditate facing that direction,the connection is right on and the info is extremely accurate.To find your direction you can ask your crystal pendulum to move in the direction you came from.

~Blessings,Rev. D.